Are you suffering from severe gum infection or periodontal problems? Worry not! Our periodontal surgeons are well experienced with every delicate Perio surgery or gum surgery. Perio surgery is reshaping the gum or restoring the damaged periodontal structures: gums, bones, and ligament. Perio surgeries are recommended when you have infections beneath your gums, when teeth are mobile, or when bones are to be contoured. There are Several periodontal diseases that cause halitosis, bad breath, or which you call pyorrhoea. Periodontitis is inflammation of your periodontal structures that cause bleeding while you brush, bad breath, and lead to mobility of teeth, pain while chewing, the recession of the gum, swollen and red gum. So it is very essential to keep your oral environment hygienic and clean. We provide several perio surgeries that are painless and comfortable. Flap Surgery is a standard procedure, and small cuts are made in your gum and tissue sections are lifted. This helps remove the bacterial deposition underneath the gums, and then the gum can be sutured back.

Periodontal Cyst surgery helps the removal of the periodontal cyst. This is done under the supervision of local anesthesia and by the best trained periodontal surgeon. For minor surgeries, the recovery usually happens within a week, but you must avoid smoking as it affects how your body heals after surgery .

There are many more periodontal surgeries done at Concern 32, like graft surgery, guided tissue regeneration, soft tissue graft. The cost depends upon the severity of the periodontal disease, but we assure you that we provide the most economical treatment in the city. Maintaining healthy gums is very important for your oral health. Perio surgery can reduce the chances of tooth loss, but it is equally important to choose your dentist wisely. You can trust us with quality care and top-notch treatment.

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