General Dentistry is in itself, a broad branch of dentistry that includes extraction, scaling, and restoration. 70% of dental treatments are either diagnostic or preventive. But providing strong emphasis on brushing, flossing and eating healthy diet the dental diseases can be prevented. A general dentist provides you preventive measures, restorative treatment, corrective treatment and cosmetic treatment.

Tooth Extractions

Extraction is the removal of a decayed or loose tooth from the socket and the space can be filled with a crown or bridge or dental implant. We offer two different types of extraction at our clinic. The first is normal extraction that requires only forceps and elevators. Simple loose or grossly decayed tooth can be removed with the help of normal extraction at a nominal price. The second is surgical extraction that requires drilling the bones because of the impacted or titled teeth. They need surgery, and it is an expensive process.

Teeth Cleaning/ Scaling

Scaling is a process of cleaning the tooth surface with the help of scalers. Scaling is a preventive treatment that can avoid the progression of periodontal disease. scaling is recommended after every six months by a dentist for maintaining oral hygiene. A yellow and stained tooth can reduce the beauty of your smile and can also cause many periodontal diseases and cause the recession of the gum. So it is essential to get your teeth cleaned after every six months.

Restorations/ Fillings

Restoration is a process to remove caries from your tooth surface and fill the cavity with composite, amalgam or glass ionomer cement. The dentists advise composite restoration or laser filling because they bear more strength and are more natural and appealing. They are costlier than GIC or amalgam. Amalgam restoration is metal filling that consists of mercury and is not usually recommended but because of good strength can be used for posterior restoration.

At Concern32 we provide the best basic dental procedure at an affordable and nominal price. We follow painless dentistry and try to conserve the tooth in the best possible way. Your concern is important for us, so you can trust us with our diagnosis, that is done after complete oral examinations and with the help of X Rays (IOPA and OPG) and treatment. We have a vigilant team of dentists ready to serve you selflessly. Book your appointment now.

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