Orthodontics is a dental specialty which deal of correction of Malaligned teeth in young and adolescents. They are popularly known as braces. Small clips are fixed onto the front surface of all the teeth and a wire is fastened through the clips. This wire is tightened and the clips are adjusted periodically to move the teeth into their correct position. Orthodontic treatment greatly impacts facial structure, beauty, function and prevents adverse pressure on the joints. All orthodontic cases performed at Concern32 have been successful. We provide comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning to achieve best results.

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“Dr Neetika jain is of providing trusted dental care to our patients by building trust with them. We are passionate about our work and want our patients to feel confident that they will receive Exceptional Dentistry care.”

Dr Neetika Jain

Endodontist,implantologist & Cosmetologist

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