Crown and Bridges are affordable, best, and permanent solutions for missing teeth when implants are not budget-friendly for the patients. A crown is placed when a single tooth is damaged or broken or grossly decayed, and bridges are placed when more than one tooth structure is involved.

Crown and bridges can be made up of ceramic or porcelain. Crowns can also be made up of any alloy like gold or silver. The metal crown will have porcelain bonded to the exterior to give it strength and a natural look. The ceramic or zirconia crowns give a natural appearance. A crown can be placed when a tooth is fractured, not in shape, after an RCT or when tooth is discolored to provide an aesthetic appearance.

The second option for dazzling smiles is dental veneers, and they are a flexible oral health solution that is highly effective and can blend in with surrounding teeth. Veneers are comparatively thicker than laminates and are used to cover large gaps. The teeth are shaved, or grooves are created on the tooth surface for the attachment of veneers. Veneers require alteration in tooth shape and structure. This poses a problem because the tooth’s natural protection is removed and the only thing left to protect it is the veneer. There are two different types of Veneers available, they are zirconia and Emax Veneers. Emax veneers are a type of porcelain veneers that are made up of lithium disilicate glass ceramic. The most significant advantage is that it is translucent, making it more natural and aesthetic and they are lighter and thinner than porcelain veneers.Bridges are porcelain fused with metal to give good strength and also a natural look. They are placed when multiple teeth are involved. There are four different types of bridges: traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported.

The cost of crown and bridges depends upon the material used. Zirconia crowns are durable and more aesthetic, so it costs more than a simple ceramic crown. PFM crowns are made up of ceramic with metal to provide more strength and natural appearance as well. Emax Crowns are lighter and thinner. They are translucent and adapt more aesthetically with natural adjacent teeth. They cost according to their guarantee periods. The choice of crown depends upon the patients’ personal needs, budget, and other needs.

It is essential to keep the crown and bridges clean and maintain its hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day. Avoid chewing sticky food, chocolates and biting nails and eating ice cubes that can break the crown and bridges. A dental bridge can last for 5-10 years, that depends on your maintenance as well as material used.

You can opt dental crown and bridges for:

  • restoring your imperfect smile
  • restoring the ability to chew and grind, bite properly
  • restoring your impaired speech and difficulty in pronunciation
  • maintaining the shape and contour of face
  • preventing mal-alignment of other teeth because of gap or missing tooth structure

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