What exactly is Re-Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal operation might fail and reinfect the tooth in rare situations. If a root canal treatment fails, the first step is to redo the root canal. This technique comprises the removal of infectious tissue, old filling material, and any other impediments in the tooth. By removing them, the dentist is able to sterilize and seal the root canal region with a root canal specialist near you.
Following the root canal procedure, your dentist will put a crown to safeguard the tooth against fractures by a root canal specialist near you.

Why the pain?

The infection/decay spreads to the tooth's nerves. Medication just masks the pain; it does not heal it infection.

Why not have the tooth extracted?

Root canal + cap is less expensive than tooth replacement.

What happens following the root canal?

Post and core buildup - If your residual tooth structure after decay treatment is minimal, a specific post or a core buildup may be necessary. To extend the life of the tooth, the core build-up is required as needed. Crown/ Cap

Why do you need a cap after a root canal?

The tooth loses its natural nutrient supply after the root canal, becoming brittle over time; the cap compensates. The root canal-treated tooth receives essential protection, extending its life.

What if I don't do a crown/cap?

  • Under the severe biting pressures, your tooth will crack, forcing you to extract it...
  • You have a natural tooth extraction.
  • Your biting efficiency declines, as do other issues.
  • Increased treatment expenses for tooth replacement.

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Do You Require Root Canal Treatment?

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