With increasing pollution and stress, hair fall is the most common thing we hear from almost every person. There can be chronic hair fall sometimes, which can lead to baldness. So when is the right time to consult a doctor? Shedding of 50-100 hairs daily is entirely normal, as when hair sheds off, new hair replaces them. But because of stress or anxiety or certain medications or thyroid disorder, or maybe hormonal change, there can be severe hair fall.

Cause of Hair Fall

  • Stress or Anxiety: In the present day, stress or anxiety in the form of emotional stress, mental stress, physical stress are the most important causes of hair loss.
  • Medication: Heavy dose of medicine or certain medications like beta-blockers, diuretics, anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants can cause severe hair loss.
  • Hormones changes: Hormonal changes like during puberty or menopause can cause a drastic loss of hair.
  • Radiation or chemotherapy: This causes severe hair loss because of damage to hair follicles in patients suffering from cancer.

Treatment of hair fall

Treating the cause can indirectly cure the drastic hair loss. If you are stressed, relax, meditate, do yoga and reduce the mental burdens. At Concern 32, we have the best remedy to cure your chronic hair fall.


We have the best treatments for men and women with drastic hair loss. We have medicines, anti-hair fall shampoo, conditioners, masque's an ointment to reduce your hair fall. You can expect a maximum benefit in a minimum time. Our treatment methods have fewer chemical and more organic components so that you can trust us.


Platelet-rich Plasma therapy is the best available treatment for hair loss. It is a 3 step medical treatment that provides relief from drastic hair loss. The plasma is withdrawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. So the blood supply in the scalp increases, which in result increases hair growth.

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