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Are you tired of Threading, lamination, and microblading?
We have a permanent solution for getting a perfect eyebrow. Concern 32 provides the best cosmetic restorations, including eyebrow restoration in the town, to enhance your look and give you a flawlessly beautiful face. We have a permanent solution to provide a natural-looking perfect eyebrow shape and thickness. As with hair transplant or beard restoration, we have a permanent solution to eyebrow restoration. Eyebrow trends change now and then, sometimes thin, sometimes bushy. But we have many treatments available for you to adapt to the changing trends.
Selecting the Ideal candidate for eyebrow restoration
. Those who have naturally sparse eyebrows.
. Those who have sparse eyebrows because of certain diseases like thyroid disorder or hormonal imbalance.
. Those who have undergone laser hair removal.
Eyebrow restoration by FUE technique
FUE technique or Follicular Extraction Technique is the latest technology to restore eyebrow, beard, hair. It is a minimally invasive technique done under local anesthesia, so it is entirely painless and comfortable. It doesn't leave post-operative scars and is thus a more aesthetic procedure. The extraction time is longer but you can expect a better quality result. The recovery time is usually shorter than other methods.

At concern 32, we have many other methods to restore the eyebrows, like follicular unit transplant (FUT), but it is not better than the FUE technique. It has chances to leave linear scars and has a more prolonged recovery time.
The cost is very nominal and budget-friendly. If you are thinking of eyebrow restoration, Concern 32 is the best place for you. Eyebrow transplant is the permanent way to reshape your eyebrow and enhance your beauty. Concern 32 is the best clinic with every aesthetic solution, and you can trust us and book your appointment now.

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Dr. Neetika Jain

Endodontist & Implantologist

BDS, MDS, PGCI, FAGE (Manipal)


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Dr. Shilpa Chopra
Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon

BDS, MDS,MOI (Hong Kong)

Dr. Soumyojeet Bagchi
Prosthodontist & Implantologist

BDS, MDS, FAGE (Manipal)

Dr. Garima Assudani Kapoor

BDS, MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Dr Aarzu
Dental surgeon

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