At Concern 32, the best dental doctor in Gurgaon suggests that brushing and flossing are primary oral care practices that will improve your smile and overall health. But are you using the proper methods? To protect your oral health, follow these measures. Brushing for oral health: Clean teeth are the foundation of good oral…

Both brushing and a healthy diet are important. We’ve established that eating a balanced, healthy diet is essential for maintaining good dental health, but that doesn’t mean you should quit brushing. Ideally, you should wash your teeth twice daily. When we wash our teeth, we remove dangerous bacteria and stop them from harming our enamel through “acid attacks.” Also keep in mind that going to the dentist regularly, at least twice a year, is beneficial. Please get in touch with us right away to schedule an appointment.

Tooth extraction involves completely removing a tooth from the mouth. People may require tooth extraction for many reasons, ranging from tooth decay to crowded teeth.

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