Hair treatment / PRP / Hair transplant – All You Need To Know!

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Let’s see what PRP is?

 It can be defined as concentrated blood plasma containing leukocyte, growth factors, platelets, and cytokines. This method has been applied in various parts of the world for a long time.

It is considered as an innovative treatment for various types of hair loss. It strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. Due to such positive effects, it is also recommended after hair transplantation.

Do you know why PRP is recommended after a hair transplant?

There are several reasons to recommend PRP after a hair transplant. To understand these causes, it is necessary to know the general point about PRP treatment. PRP treatment is done by using enriching plasma derived from the individual’s blood.

  • For treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn and this blood is centrifuged.
  • After centrifugation, the blood is divided into two parts- the red part and white part (transparent).
  • The upper transparent part is expressed as plasma.


When and how many sessions should it be in?

PRP treatment after hair transplantation is considered very effective. However, after this stage, people wonder how often this treatment should be done. First, it should be known that there are various opinions on the subject. So there is more than one answer to this question because it all depends on the individual. Opinion can be listed as follows:

Opinion 1:

With PRP, growth factors and platelets appear in the skull. It positively affects the entire medical procedure. However, for PRP treatment to be successful, it is extremely important to perform it at the right time. PRP treatment can be done 10 days after a problem-free hair transplant procedure. Other sessions should be planned after 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. In total, 4 sessions of treatment would be normally sufficient.

Opinion 2:

PRP is a good option to increase hair transplant success rate. However, never forget that the procedures of the clinic where you have a hair transplant should be tailored to it. In general, this treatment can be done 3-4 months after surgery. The number of sessions varies depending on the person’s situation.

Opinion 3:

PRP comes to the fore as an innovative and advanced treatment. This treatment allows you to prolong the success of hair transplantation. Also, not only the newly implanted grafts but also the condition of your existing hair is positively affected. Your weak hair will become thicker and stronger. You can get this treatment after 3 weeks of hair transplantation. A total of 3 sessions of treatment with 3 weeks in between will suffice.


There are 3 different opinions of PRP treatment above. It can be understood from these opinions, the number of sessions of PRP treatment and when to do it varies from one person to another. The structure of the person’s scalp, the position of the hair follicles, how strong the hair grafts are, and how effective the treatment is at this point. There is no standard practice for all.

It should be remembered that treatment must be done in a high-quality clinic for the PRP treatment to be successful. PRP treatment is very successful in preventing hair loss. Therefore, this can be done not only after hair transplantation but also at different times.

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