A Comprehensive Guide For Dental implant That You Should Know Before Undergoing Implant

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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, made up of metal (titanium), and used to support one or more artificial teeth. These artificial teeth look like real teeth. Dental implant surgery involves the dentist placing screws like structures i.e. Implants into the jaw bone and later on attaching artificial teeth with these implants.

The procedure of placing an implant, depends on your oral health, the condition of your jaw bone and your overall health. Also, there are different ways of performing these surgeries. The biggest advantage of dental implant surgery is that the new artificial tooth placed in the mouth provides a solid foundation. At the same time, it takes time (several months) to recover after surgery.

Do you know why dental implant surgery is needed?

You need to know about teeth before knowing why and when surgery is needed. Over the years, our teeth start to weaken or become damaged due to various reasons. Due to which the tooth has to be removed. In this case, doing dental implant surgery comes as an option. By surgery, artificial teeth are fastened to your jaws by applying titanium screws. Apart from this, doctors also apply complete dentures.

Under these circumstances, it may be right for you to have dental implant surgery:

  • Absence of one or more teeth
  • For the correct development of jaw bones
  • Having trouble applying fake teeth
  • To improve your way of speaking
  • Mouth tissue to be corrected or healthy.

What Should You Know Before Getting Dental Implant Surgery?

The success of dental implant surgery depends on the position of the implant, condition of your jaw bone and your overall health. Usually, 98% of dental implant surgeries are successful and last a lifetime. Proper care of teeth after surgery does not cause problems. Also, a person must have a healthy jaw for dental implantation. Also, sufficient bone is needed to handle the teeth. People who smoke excessively or have uncontrolled chronic disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have reduced success rate. Apart from this, if you are taking some kind of radiation therapy, then you should talk to a dentist before getting a dental implant.

What is the procedure done in dental implant surgery?

Before starting the implant process, your dentist elaborates your entire team about the implant surgery. The root of the artificial tooth is then implanted. In which a screw made of titanium is fitted in the bones of the jaw. A fake or artificial tooth is called a crown, is later attached to these screws. As the wounds in the bones of the jaw heals, the implants get strengthened. This process takes about six to twelve weeks to occur.

For implanting a tooth into the jaw, a small connector called an abutment is needed. With the help of abutment, the artificial tooth is attached to the original tooth so that there is no gap between the two. For this procedure, doctors first take an impression of your teeth. Based on which your dentures are made, which is implanted with the help of abutment. The color of the artificial teeth resembles the color of natural teeth.

What happens after dental implant surgery?

Dental implantation of most people is successful. However, in some cases, the dental implant fails if the jaw bone does not hold the metal properly. In this case, the doctor removes the implant, and then after two to three months, you will have to do the implantation again. Even if you smoke, your dental implant may fail. If you have any kind of problem, do share it with your doctor.

How should I take care of myself after dental implant surgery?

You can work with your dental implant like your natural teeth. For dental implant surgery, you have to keep a few things in mind:

  • Take special care of cleaning the mouth. Clean your gums and artificial teeth as you clean your natural teeth. To clean teeth after surgery, you should use a special design brush. Which can also clean between the teeth.
  • Have your dentist check your teeth frequently. This will let you know about the changes etc. after implantation.
  • Do not chew hard things with implanted teeth after surgery. Like- ice or hard candy, etc. Doing so may break the crown.
  • Avoid the consumption of tobacco and caffeine after surgery.
  • If you have a habit of grinding teeth, then you must treat it at the time of surgery or later.

If you have any kind of problem, then you raise your queries in the comment section.


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